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Rodie’s Feed & Pet Supply
8863 Marsh Creek Road
Clayton, CA 94517

Phone: 925-672-4600
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Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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Feed Delivery

Rodie's proudly stocks and delivers pelleted feed manufactured by Elk Grove Milling, Inc. for horses, goats, sheep, rabbits and other animals in 50 pound bags as well as 250 pound barrels (barrels not available for all formulas). Elk Grove Milling’s formulas are varied to meet the horse’s needs, whether they are idle, performing, growing, pregnant or lactating. Pellets are manufactured by grinding hay into small particles, blending the hay with additional ingredients, compressing the blend into pellets, then cooling and storing the finished product.

Advantages Of Pellets:

  • Pellets help eliminate the guesswork and keep you from wondering if your horse is consuming the correct amount of feed. Pellets can be weighed on a more accurate basis than hay.
  • Pellets are much more convenient to handle, transport and store than hay. Storing hay takes up more room and the fire hazard is increased.
  • There is virtually no waste when feeding pellets compared to hay. Horses tend to consume their ration where hay has a tendency to get scattered and trampled.
  • Manure is decreased by 20%.
  • Because the pellet is a pre-ground product, there is maximum utilization of the nutrients in the ingredients. The horse uses less energy to break down the pellet than it does to break down the hay. Its body then absorbs the nutrients needed to maintain good body health.
  • There is virtually no “hay belly” on a horse being fed pellets; weight is evenly distributed throughout the horse’s body.
  • There is very little dust in a pelleted feed. In most cases, allergies and coughing can be eliminated entirely.
  • Since pellets can be soaked with water and converted to a mash, older horses and horses with bad teeth are now able to eat and digest their feed.
  • Elk Grove Milling’s pellets are “Certified Weed Free” by the State of California Department of Food and Agriculture. By producing weed free pellets, Elk Grove is meeting the criteria of the National Forestry land, BLM land, public parks and all back-country requirements.

For more detailed information on the various blends and feeding recommendations for the various Stable Mix products, visit

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