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Rodie’s Feed & Pet Supply
8863 Marsh Creek Road
Clayton, CA 94517

Phone: 925-672-4600
Fax: 925-672-1422


Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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About Us

Rodie’s Feed & Pet Supply opened its doors on June 1, 1981 as a family-operated, country feed store featuring feed and supplies for all domestic pets and farm animals. Today, we offer the same merchandise, but our focus has shifted more to the suburban family pet market.

Over the last few years, we have greatly expanded our inventory presentation of pet food and supplies and have added an exotic bird department. We keep dozens of exotic birds in stock from finches to macaws, all of which are well-socialized. Our Sales Associates are all Certified Avian Specialists, trained in the care and handling of exotic birds. They are certified by the Pet Industries Joint Advisory Council in Washington, DC after an extensive training course and examination.

Rodie’s conducts community outreach projects continually, such as field trips for school children, girl/boy scout troops and senior citizen centers. We give educational presentations on exotic birds and display our birds for their entertainment. We are also an authorized kitten adoption center for the Contra Costa County Animal Control Shelter, having adopted over 1,000 kittens to date.

Every other year, Rodie's hosts a seminar on bird behavior training given by Barbara Heidenreich, a world-renowned, expert animal trainer. This event is always sold-out and extremely well-received. We have an annual Customer Appreciation Day where deep discounts are offered as well as thousands of dollars in free raffle prizes, pony rides for children and a free barbeque lunch.

Our passion is pets, and we are confident that we can fulfill your pets’ needs. Call us at 925-672-4600, or stop by. We look forward to seeing you at Rodie’s!


“For The Birds” In The Best Way!
I’ve stumbled around the greater Bay Area looking for the perfect place for all things “Parrot.” You know, not just a supply store, or a Bird Shop or Groomer, but somewhere with that “Come in and stay a spell” feel to it. A place that not only carries all the right stuff for avian needs, but also a place to network, swap knowledge, find out what’s up; without the “Here’s your hat-what’s-your-hurry” vibe to it. Rodies is that place. Not a big bunch of black-belt avian advisors, but always someone around with a PJAC Cert and good knowledge of products. The Parrot Play and Nutrition stock is more than good. TONS of options for birds of all sizes. The ample retail area allows them to carry a broad spectrum of products. They have birds for retail, and I like the fact that it does not have feel of being stuffed to capacity with screaming parrots. The birds I’ve seen (and visited and played with) are all beautiful, well fed and healthy. It’s well worth the haul from Benicia. Check it. :) Cheryl T., Benecia,CA

This is a great store! We really had a fun time at the Customer Appreciation Fair and came home with loads of stuff we got in their sale attic where everything is 50% off. We bought bags of freeze dried salmon for dog training and chicken strips at unbelievable HALF OFF prices! We were introduced to many of the birds by their Bird Trainer who is an aimal and avian behaviorist! She told us all about how she works with the birds individually, teaching them new behaviors and keeping their minds active and bright. What other store has an animal behaviorist on duty??? None that I know of! Cages were all clean, birds looked healthy and happy, staff was friendly and super helpful and we had a great time at their party! –Doggy D., Vallejo, CA

I’ve been a very satisfied customer for 5 months now. My animals love the fresh dog food and I enjoy all the selections to choose from. I was impressed by both of the owners’ knowledge of each brand and which one would suit my breed of dog. I have 3 birds, 2 cats, 3 dogs, so if you love your pets and want to give them the best! This is the one stop shop for all your pets’ needs. The selection of animal toys is amazing, great place to buy Christmas toys and goodies too. When you visit ask the girls where the bird room is. It is a beautiful place they have set up for these birds very clean too. –Carolyn D., Brentwood, CA

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